Core update missing


i have IPFire 2.25 (x86_64) - Core Update 147 installed and there is no hint on the Main page for the new release.
Can some one help?


Did you refresh list from IPFire>pakfire ?

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from the console, pakfire upgrade do you get any errors?


Giving up: There was no chance to get the file “lists/core-list.db” from any available server.
There was an error on the way. Please fix it.

but now next question, how can i fix this?

maybe I found another new problem:
The DNS Status: Broken
response timeout for; response timeout for; response timeout for;

but my DNS (PiHole) works fine.

Same problem if i use

I think PiHole breaks DNSSEC and pakfire cannot access the ipfire servers to upgrade. Can you modify ipfire to point to its own DNS (, verify that DNS status is working, then pakfire upgrade and if all goes well, you can revert back your DNS pointing to PiHole. Just an idea …

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PiHole is shut down and Firewall Option OUTGOING is set to allowed, now.
DNS is now OK.
And … after refreshing pakfire There is an core-update from 147 to 150 available.

thanks for help.

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glad it worked, Andreas.