Core Update available for testing - How to download?

I saw the recent blog Core Update is available for testing and I’d like to help. I don’t test too often (or often enough) and I never remember where the testing builds are located. Can you point me in the right direction?

Excellent question @Jon. The testing Updates are distributed in the Nightly Builds area located at: (additional information is located here).

Look into the directory master then latest at: and you’ll locate the build that will be released soon.

After final review by developers and testers like you another notice will be distributed: Core Update released.

Please report test results (bad and good) in the IPFire Community or within the IPFire Development Mailing list

Your testing is greatly appreciated.

EDIT: See response by Arne below.

The nightly builds are not the reason of this announcement. (They are autamatic builds for early testing).

If we send the annoucement it means that we have placed the update to the pakfire testing tree which can switched by adding a “.1” to the version number in /etc/pakfire/etc/pakfire.conf

ISO’s can found in my people but this may repacked if we find late bugs. So if you use the testrelease make sure to check if there are late patches when the same core is released as stable. (Maybee you have to reinstall the update after stable release)


I had always used the nightly builds at and not the “.1” change. So what are the used for?

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I, too, am accustomed to having the images etc available on in the /master/latest directory.

I have a cron job check for changes there, and to fetch them. When I decide to participate in testing a new release, it provides both a notification if a testing release has changed, and I use those images for installation to a separate disk, so that I can determine any diffs. That allows me to determine if any of my “tweaks” might be responsible for abnormal behavior, as well as if I am TRULY testing with the “latest” testing release.

I strongly urge the latest test builds and checksums be available in that (those?) ftp directory(ies).


Yes I can attest this does work… Really digging the new changes to the QoS algo. CPU usage is spread across CPU’s now.

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Pretty much the same, they are just for a new install of the next tree which has all experimental changes even before we bake them into a Core Update.

New way to do testing!

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