Core 172 update

Yesterday, I got an email that 2.27 172 had been released.

It implied the release had happened after Christmas.

Usually, when I see that email I go to the admin login to my ipfire box and the it notes the update is available and it just works.

Today I attempted to do this, but, it just say 171 is installed and no update is mentioned.

Did I misread the email?

I’ve looked some posts here about 172, but, none mentioned any requirement for a different.
The link in the email about Peters’ blog provides no specifics. Does the link in that blog imply I must download and install by hand now?

try to click on the Web User Interface, /pakfire/refresh list


Yes, Thanks!

I imagine that not all the mirrors are updated at the same time and if your IPfire makes a query to one that is not updated, it will tell you that there is no update available.

In these cases, I either wait or insist on clicking the button until someone else is consulted who is up to date and does so.