Core 169 and initramfs

I note that core 169 testing, on x86_64, no longer has an initramfs file in /boot, yet boots and runs quite readily. Although I rarely use Ubuntu, I understand that it dropped need for initramfs some time ago.

OTOH, the lack of uboot in upgraded armv6l and aarch64 prevents those from rebooting. Is this a repeat of the issues with core 167, where there was insufficient space to collate initramfs ?

Could the release announcement briefly point out whether initramfs is/is-no-longer required.

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thank you for reporting this.

This was not intentional, and has been raised in conjunction with other behaviour already in bug #12892. It is already fixed, and a new version of the testing update should be available within a few hours.

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller