[Core 168] Unable to access WUI since update

Since updating from Core 167 to Core 168, I am unable to access the WUI from green. Although I am able to access using IPSec from another network. Also, SSH is still working normally.

Any ideas?



Webserver not responding? Webserver error code? Login fails?


Thanks for the quick reply.

The webserver just times out when attempting to connect.

Login via ssh and do:

/etc/init.d/apache restart

Unfortunately this didn’t work. Also tried restarting the firewall too.

Post the content of


Thanks for the assistance
error_log.zip (7.6 KB)

Nothing relevant in there, except of speed.cgi seems to have a permission problem, but that has nothing to do with the fact that you can’t access the webserver.

Did you do a reboot after the upgrade?

After disabling IPS the webserver is accessible again, turn it on, goes back down. Looks like it is IPS related. Nothing in IPS logs though.

I did :slight_smile:

Ok so after testing different combinations of rulesets it appears to be a problem with PT Attack Detection Team Rules.

The PT Attack Detection Team ruleset is able to run on it’s own, but in combination with other rulesets it causes WUI to time out (for me at least)


i have the same problem, thanks for this info, after deactivate PT Attack Detection Team ruleset works the WUI

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