[Core 164] Question to update 164 problems - DNS, IPSec and OpenVPN problems


as some people wrote do we also had some problems with the 164 update.
In my case we had “not only” the DNS problems, we had also IPSec and OpenVPN problems which could not be resolved by a simple surricata shutdown.

I had to do a “short trip” on saturday to reinstall our IPFire system and saved the complete log folder before I installed the backup.
My Questions:

  • do you need some logfiles to have a look on possible causes for the problems
  • can i have a look into the logs and help you with infos?




Send a screenshot of the DNS. You should fix the DNS first.

FYI - my page looks like this:

Hi Jon,

thanks for the reply.
As I wrote do i had to reinstall the system because it is a productive fw. So I can not create a screenshot anymore.
Additionally it was not possible to connect to the system per OpenVPN with the 164 problem so I had not remote access to the management page. On saturday (had to drive thru the company) I only check if i can solve the problem by shutting down surricata (was not working) so i packed the logdir and reinstalled the 163 backup to get everything running again.

So I can only send infos from my logs but no screenshots.



got it!

You can post the logs if you wish. I’d suggest removing private information.

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