[Core 164] Proxy issues after reinstall / restore

Hello, this isn’t so much a support request as a notification, in case this is new / unexpected behaviour… I just yesterday did a clean installation of 164 (I was changing some hardware anyway) and restored a backup. All seemed OK until today when I checked my logs and saw nothing under the proxy, which I have configured from my computer via adding http://[ip]:81/proxy.pac. If I instead manually specified the IP and port in the browser my traffic went to the proxy as expected.

On checking the pac file it was blank, although the proxy section on the IPFire had all of my restored settings in it. I simply did a “save and restart” with no changes and looked at the pac file again, and it is now populated, and things seem to be normal again.



may I ask you to file a bug for this one, so we can keep track of it and fix it properly?

(Your forum login credentials work on https://bugzilla.ipfire.org/ as well.)

Thanks in advance, and best regards,
Peter Müller

OK @pmueller, that’s done. Thanks, Paul

Bug info:

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