Core 157 update only grub showing up HELP

I’ve upgraded from core 156 to 157 and now I’m stuck at

What can I do now?

I was able to pull down the logs: (27.4 KB)

Can I somehow update manually? Or should i run the installer again?

It looks like the updater was running twice and wiped the kernel from your system.

You will find a backup in /var/ipfire/backup which you can restore after performing a fresh installation.

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Thank you, back up running again.

May I ask a short OT question?
I have a FTTH connection and I have to configure it as DHCP and also with a VLAN tag assigned.
Is there somehow a easy way to assign the red interface a VLAN tag?
If I add it in the Webinterface (Network → Configure Zones) it has no effect.

Only if I do it that way:

  1. Connect through SSH to IPFire
  2. Open /var/ipfire/ethernet/vlans and edit it like this:
    RED_MAC_ADDRESS=00:22:B1:B1:R1:30 (MAC address from the red interface)
  3. Open /var/ipfire/ethernet/settings and edit it like this:
    RED_MACADDR=00:22:B1:B1:R1:39 (some fake MAC address)
    RED_DESCRIPTION=’“vlan 34”’
    RED_DRIVER=igb (or my old method was to use ‘e1000e’)
  4. Reboot

Then everything is working just fine, is this a common issue or behavior?


please open up a new thread for a new question. This makes it easier to keep track of questions asked, and avoids mix-ups. :slight_smile:

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller