Core 147 Update - IPS Ruleset Disappeared


After updating to Core 147, I no longer see the IPS ruleset choices.

The daemon is running. I see the Ruleset dropdown and Setting portions of the page along with the Whitelisted Hosts options, but no ruleset choices. I am using the Talos VRT for registered users. Any comments or ideas on how to fix would be much appreciated.

Kind regards and thanks in advance for the help!

Resovled. So, I reloaded IPFire to Core 146, and restored the config from backup. Still didn’t see the Talos VRT Registered ruleset categories. I updated to Core 148 with no luck either. I chose a couple of different rulesets and their ruleset categories appeared. I then re-selected Talos VRT and poof, they appeared again. Not the most sophisticated fix, and should have tried all that earlier, but good to know it wasn’t something more complicated.