Core 140 to 142 - udev deamon start fail


after update my Box from 140 to 141 and 142 the udev deamon don´t start

Message during Startup

Starting udev deamon… FAIL

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After Update to Core 143 udev is still not working…

Pleas fix this bug…

What BUG? Looks like your alone with that problem and something must have gone wrong during the update.

I can’t afford to invest 100€ for every update to have Michael fix a problem.

Where i can see what happens to fix this issue? i don´t like to clean Install IPFire on each update

I don’t know what you are talking about. Can we hire Michael to fix problems? Didn’t know that.

As always, watch the log files.

But this is the most effective way with less costs / wasting time. There is no hardware change so it’s all about doing a clean install and restore the backup. That’s all.

For years now, I have continuously just simply upgraded from one core release to the next -
without any need to re-install,
without any need to clean-install and restore a backup at all.

I do have to admit that in order to minimize exploitation potential,
I use my ipfire box purely as a HW FW, and nothing else.

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i know… all the time i am the only person in Universe with update problems with IPFire

That is the answer of god. I would worry.

Looks like either a faulty installation or faulty hardware device. First step would be save a backup to your Documents folder, then re-install from scratch. Preferably re-install the same core level that your backup came from.

After an Clean Install the Systems runs…

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