Compiling ipfire

I followed Arne’s - IPFire 2.x - Build Howto but it would be nice to have a check that all required packages are installed prior to ./ build I don’t want to wait 8 hours to see that a package was missing. Is there such a check ? thx

Run the ./ downloadsrc command first. It will check that all packages required by the lfs scripts are available and that the md5 sums match.

With any build I always run the sequence

./ gettoolchain
./ downloadsrc 
./ clean
./ build

I replied via email but it did not post …

I did all these … downloadsrc takes a long time (md5sums match), the toolchain comes quickly, then I did a build and it told me package zstd was missing (I did not clearly read the Debian 11 lines).

Hence, the idea of some script to verify that all required pkgs are installed. BTW, ./ build seems to need a sudo (unless I’m doing something wrong).

@pavlos & @bonnietwin - I’m requesting a favor.

As you are teaching & learning would you be so kind to update the Wiki documentation?

When I tried to learn how to compile IPFire I could not get through the Wiki documentation and I could not get things to work. Many errors that didn’t make sense! Eric was wonderful and answered many questions about the process but it just didn’t click.

My main goal is to create a new addon. And the secondary goal is to assist in doing addon updates.

Any help by improving the Wiki would be great!

The HOWTO Arne wrote is good.
(you need to install some packages if you don't have them) 
apt install git make g++ bison gawk automake autopoint libtool cmake zstd

mkdir jon
cd jon
git clone git://
./ gettoolchain
./ downloadsrc
./make build
and wait 8 hours

Jon, what errors are you getting?
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I should have said that I use sudo for all tge ./make commands.

If the downloadsrc went fine but zstd would not build then you need to show the errors that you got. You can always go the the _build… log files to see all the details.

This time depends on the power of your pc. The first time round is always longer. Subsequent builds are shorter because of the ccache capability used in ipfire build.

My first computer took around 10 hours on subsequent builds. My current system takes 2.5 hours approx.

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Note to @jon, should the wiki be updated to say, sudo ./ ?

I meant to improve in general - nothing specific.

As you come across items that should help, please make changes.

Maybe. If it helps others, sure!

If this is missing from the wiki and it helps others and it add value, yes please add.

edited the page and added sudo ./ in 3 lines.

Have to build with root. What do I need sudo for? :thinking:

If you have already su’d to root then you don’t need sudo anymore.

@default there is only root and admin with shell access. And only the user root got root rights. So there is no need for sudo at all.

Ok then, edit the page, remove sudo and add a line at the top, you need to build as root.

(I build on debian so I had to use sudo or su’d to root.)


did the first build, *** Build finished in 7:10:37
did the second build, *** Build finished in 2:43:04
all good, system i7-4790K, 32 GB.

adding more data, system i7-7700K, 16GB ram
 first run: *** Build finished in 3:39:11
second run: *** Build finished in 1:17:42
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