Collection of data from the LOGs

Good morning to everybody.

I have been thinking about the current difficulty of collecting errors in the face of problems that Users pose. I explain.

Faced with a given problem, a normal User (basic knowledge of Linux) does not know where to look or what files to consult to determine what the problem is.

Wouldn’t it be possible to develop a button in “System -> Bakup”, for example, which, by means of linux commands that Advanced Users or Developers well know to collect the “error” or “warning” information or search the LOG files any error and save it in a compressed and downloadable link like any backup generated by IPFire ?.

I think this would make it easier for Users and Developers to debug the problems they have with IPFire.

I do not know, it’s an idea. What do you think?.


Good afternoon everyone.

As I read in the conference call on March 2, I think it is necessary in the face of the problems posed by the Users, to create a Log collection tool to be able to add them for their study and not leave the Users inexperienced (in this group I I include) deciding which Log to attach.

To me, many times I have to think that Log I have to search or how I can get the information to be able to attach it in a thread. To be able to do it, you have to know where and how to look.

I think it is necessary as I commented in the previous post a tool that of certain quality to the problems reported by the Users of this magnificent software.

When I worked at Panda Security, given the problems that Users posed to us, we had a tool called PSINFO, which collected a lot of information (Process Logs, EVTs, memory dumps, etc …) and that information We climbed to the Department of Development and Quality.

It is an idea that I think should be taken into consideration.

Greetings and I hope your opinions.

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Hello Roberto,
it´s an old one but i do really like OSSEC which is also highly configurable but delivers also a good default to take a summary of the insights to the logs.

Aside of that, how would you proceed with your idea ? Grep through all logs and searching for keywords like ‘error’ or ‘warning’ and deliver them on a specific threshold via email ?



Good afternoon Erik.

Well, I came up with several very good ideas but I think they had expensive to realize.

A question before. When you register with, is an account automatically created in Bugzilla?

Option 1.
As in the Mockup that I put above, a button to generate them and so the User does not have to think what to attach. Simple and effective.

Option 2.
The same as in 2, plus a Bugzilla incidence number to automate the sending of LOGs to this platform. (previously an incident has to be generated). A little more developed.

Option 3.
A page could be created in IPFire to report problems or bugs that Users have and that way, once filled out a small form, when submitting, the following is collected:

  • Username and password to upload them to Bugzilla.
  • The modules or processes involved in the problem or Bug.
  • LOGs involved and compressed (to occupy less).
  • Steps explained by the User to reproduce the problem.
  • Screenshot.

I think that since the GUI is integrated, it would be more user friendly to send them in this way. The most complete.

It would be a matter of going around (think about it a bit).

Best Regards.