Chromebook w/ tmobile as router

Our family has a cabin in a very part of rural northern WI. It’s beautiful with great lakes for fishing, tubing, jet skiing. Unfortunately the internet connection has always been terrible. I have an older chromebook a 14" HP model that came with fre 4G cellular data, 250 MB of data each month is free, then you have to buy a plan after that. It’s this model:

My kids like to watch streaming shows, usually the same shows over and over again (Peppa Pig for the 3-year-old for example)

If I would buy a cellular plan for the chromebook, I am wondering if it would be possible to run ipfire on the chromebook, and use the cellular 4G Tmobile sim card connection as the red interface to get on the internet and use the proxy features to cache large video file content that is watched over and over without having to wait for it to download each time. I would like to try that, or use the existing Chrome OS with the laptop as it is, and install squid or another proxy and share the internet connection of the laptop to other devices. The hardware should be compatible, it’s an intel Celeron 1.4 GHz CPU, 4 GB of ram 32 GB of SSD storage, integrated 14" 1366x768 monitor, keyboard, and a 4G sim card slot. Does anyone know if this will work, or has anyone done something similar before?

I’ve install IPFIRE on laptop with 4G built-in.
You will need a desktop or another laptop to make changes to the firewall.