Can't login after upgrading to 139

I’ve just done the upgrade to 139 but after the reboot I can’t login to the web interface anymore.

I enter my credentials (which are 100% correct) but the login window won’t disappear…

I’ve changed the default username “admin” to “user” long time ago. I also tried to login with “admin” username but this also didn’t work.

Sadly SSH is disabled. :face_vomiting:

Any ideas?

I’ve connected via RS232 to the ipfire and resetted the admin password with the “setup” command.

However, now I still can’t login as “user” but as “admin” instead.

If you have renamed the admin user the setup will add a new admin user.

Okay that makes sense but why did my login stop working after an upgrade?

Am I the only one with this problem? o.O

The file with the user / passwords for the webif (/var/ipfire/auth/user) was not touched by core139