Cannot reconfigure zones?


I have recently installed latest ipfire successfuly on an pcengines apu with 4 NICs (I think its apu4d4).

During text mode installation, unfortunately I had chosen only 1 NIC for RED and 1 NIC for GREEN, but now as I don’t need other zones but would like to save a switch in the cabinet I would like to have the 2 other NICs also configured to the GREEN network.

I realized I would need to set the GREEN network into bridge mode and then enable GREEN on them, and I also found the reconfiguration page

However, any change I’m trying to make (trying to make GREEN bridged, or adding another interface to GREEN) or funnily even if I change nothing at all but just hit save results in a message “The NIC used for RED in PPP mode cannot be accessed by any other zone.”

Isn’t is possible to reconfigure the zones without reinstalling? If so, the error message is kind of misleading. Because I’m never touching the row for the RED NIC at all, nor assigning anything else to RED :frowning:

I also already tried some other things, like disconnecting the PPPOE connection just to check if that could be related, somehow, with no success.

Any idea or help appreciated!

Update: “These settings are not changed from the setup command! You must edit this file manually with an editor like nano or vim.” on perplexes me a bit… should I try handediting these files?

You may do that and don’t need to use the web ui anymore, but that’s not the point. Giving you the error message with RED doesn’t make any sense and might be a bug. May you pls. take a screenshot of what you try to apply on changes with the web ui / nic assignment?

current configuration (from the installer choosing 1 NIC for RED and a second one for GREEN) is:

I believe I have done nothing more than setting up PPPoE then, which also works fine!

Now in the screen above, when I try either

  • setting one of the unused NICs to GREEN native
  • GREEN to bridge mode
  • both above together
  • or even when changing nothing at all!

on hitting Save I get

Zone Configuration


The NIC used for RED in PPP mode cannot be accessed by any other zone."