Cannot ping from green to orange or from console to green/orange

I have installed with three interfaces. I have setup the dns services so that green can ping or visit web services in the world. Console can also ping outside.
However, I find that console cannot ping to any hosts in green or orange or host from green to orange and vice versa even though I have set rules to allow it (from orange to green).
I have checked that using route -n and it shows that the default gateway for green0 and orange0 are
Isn’t it normal and if not, how can I set it?

Is this your problem?

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Thanks for your reply. My problem is not similar to the above. I just installed the most updated version last week.

My ipfire is as follows:
red0:a static ip with default gateway from ISP and dns.

In ipfire console, I can ping
However, I cannot ping from ipfire console to any host in green0 or orange0.
Hosts in green0 can ping but cannot ping to any hosts in orange0 from green0. I can ping to ipfire console from hosts in geeen0.

Everything works expected like accessing websites from green0 except ping.

Do I need to supply other information?