Can we get clang included in pakfire?

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I was looking to build endlessh as a sinkhole on my firewall, but when I went to build it I saw there doesn’t appear to be a c compiler toolchain available through pakfire (makes sense, its a firewall, not a development workstation). Is there any hope of getting gcc or clang included in pakfire to compile very small programs?

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As you said, the fact that it is a firewall means a compiler is not likely to be allowed in the firewall itself.
However you can build your own add-ons.

You would then have it as a local add-on that you would maintain for yourself.

Once you have built it and proven it out, you could also decide to join the development list and offer the add-on as a patch together with justification for why it should become a permanent add-on in the IPFire distribution.

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