Can not open the website

Hello, i installed IPFire 2.19 on Virtual Box with 2 Network Adapter (both Bridge).
The problem is, that i cant open the website on my browser (laptop).
What could be the problem?
If possible, Would be nice, if someone could do teamviewer and solve the problem!

Need fast reply!


red should be bridge, green should be host-only adapter. Red will pick up an address from your host network and green will pick up an address from virtualbox (if dhcp server is enabled, like
Then, you can point your laptop to and login to the gui.

Hey, do you have time to do teamviewer?

sorry, cannot do teamviewer …

here’s another guide

In this guide the guy gives green and red static ips. Should I do it also?

up to you … the key is that the ip’s should be on diff subnets.
His guide shows green and red

I followed many tutorials on youtube, and inserted the same ip´s/gateway every time, and every time when i do for example ping -c 3 it doesn´t work. You think if I do the exact same thing as the guy in the guide, it will work?

I don’t know your network environment … you cannot blindly use his numbers if your network is different.

How can I adapt the IP´s to my network environment?

Depends on your network environment.
Especially the red IP must match the connected network, while green must be diffent from this.

Please tell me which IP´s you want to know about my environmetn, i have no clue about giving IP´s and stuff like this…

Can someone help me to give the red one the right IP?

IPFire 2.19 is two years old. You will not get addons for this anymore and also we are not able to support this. It use a 3.14.x kernel this has no protection against spector, meltdown and co. and it doesn’t know about the 2019 changed dns rootzone key.

Use an Up-to-date version!

You might do better to follow The network settings there work, in most cases.

Then follow Arne.F advice and install IPFire 2.25
This wiki uses a different approach for study theWebGUI and helps to install Ipfire and have a working network setup.
It has downsides, but can be applied also to VirtualBox, if you want.