Can not make ipfire boot on the new r2s

i cent make ipfire boot on the new r2s i just got from Ali.
the one with metal passive cabinet.

only friendlywrt will boot…

Hello Borge! Welcome to the IPFire Community!

Can you supply more info?

Please add a screenshot or picture from the serial console when trying to boot from the IPFire sd card.

what serial console ? i dont quite understand howto access it ? is through telnet client ?

The only way to configure the IPFire on the R2S is via the serial port:


You may want to read through the various Wiki about the serial console and the R2S:


ok thanks…
I thought i just had to create a sdcard via the image like openwrt/friendlywrt.

well then.

would any of you be kind to share a iso dump of a deafult configured ipfire for this unit.

sdcard image

I don’t think there can be a default config.
This starts with net settings (green, red ). Especially changing green net bears the possibility to cut your LAN connection.
Some settings of IPFire can be defined in the install setup. This runs on the console ( KB/Mouse or serial ). For the R2S this is the serial connection.

thanks for the info.