Can I setup a monthly date for data usage?

I have a monthly quota for data usage with my ISP. Let’s say the meter resets on the 18th of every month. I know I can SSH into IPFire and use vnstat to keep track of data usage, but is there some way I can do that in IPFire’s GUI admin?

see menu Status > Net-Traffic. That is the WebGUI output for vnstat. I usually monitor the red0 / daily or the red0 / monthly.


The problem with daily or monthly is that it doesn’t indicate how much data has been used from one very specific day until the other.

Well, even on command line, vnstat is not working. I set the MonthRotate parameter to 19 in /etc/vnstat.conf like I do in my dekstop. In my desktop, vnstat says I have used 2GB today. In IPFire, I get zero use for the red interface, and blue does not work at all.

Ignore the September values. They refer to another year because this notebook was broken so I didn’t use IPFire for a very long time.

Are the same graphs broken on the https://ipfire.localdomain:444/cgi-bin/traffic.cgi IPFire WebGUI page?

Did you re-install the system using a different architecture and restore a backup? If yes, then see this:

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