Can creators of IPFire hack an individual's IPFire system?

Can creators of IPFire hack an individuals’ IPFire system?

Because it seems after I asked crucial questions on the way firewall distros are designed, none of the firewall rules seem to be working.

I have 4 rules, preventing connections from green to red and blue and connections from red and blue to green. None of them seem to be working because I can ping from green to blue and red and I can ping from blue to green. I can even access the IPFire webUI from blue. I’ve rebooted the system, still accessing green from blue, still able to access internet from green. I’ve disabled web proxy and rebooted and still able to access what I shouldn’t be able to access.

Seems like someone hacked my IPFire and made the rules ineffective.

That’s simple: No.

Until you outline how your network is designed and which rules you created in which way, no one can help you.

I have been using IPfire for about 10 years and never had such problems.

EOT for me.



for the records: OP has been suspended.

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