Bypass GEO BLOCK for a single rule

I use Geo Block to deny connection outside my country,
but I need to allow on a single rule any input connection from any country of the workd.

I want to run a StorJ node operator.

How I can do this setting?! If I enable the geoblock in the general preferences, any rule I set is as second after the geoblock deny country.

Thank you.

Or I will disable the genereal geoblock settings
and set on each rule the single country allowed ?

Hello, no Solutions?

To bypass GeoIP is only possible by adding a manual rule to CUSTOMINPUT or CUSTOMFORWARD via /etc/sysconfig/firewall.local skript.

Here is how I did the GeoIP Pinholes

REally thank you, but I’m not using it anymore for the bad performance in virtualized environment…

I hope will have better performance under KVM in the future…

By the way: There is an unresolved ticket for implementing this. :slight_smile: