Buildind core142 gives me an error

I’m trying to build core142 and getting the error below:

#Create Placeholder files
echo “Place scripts run minutely here …” > /etc/fcron.minutely/info.txt
echo “Place scripts run cyclic here …” > /etc/fcron.cyclic/info.txt
echo “Place scripts run hourly here …” > /etc/fcron.hourly/info.txt
echo “Place scripts run daily here …” > /etc/fcron.daily/info.txt
echo “Place scripts run weekly here …” > /etc/fcron.weekly/info.txt
echo “Place scripts run monthly here …” > /etc/fcron.monthly/info.txt
chmod 640 /etc/fcron.{conf,allow,deny}
/usr/bin/fcrontab /usr/src/config/cron/crontab
2020-03-23 18:49:53 ERROR Could not chdir to /var/spool/cron: Stale file handle
make: *** [fcron:88: /usr/src/log/fcron-3.2.0] Error 1

I actually had the same problem with core141. I was going to ask about it, but when I saw core142 released, I thought that maybe the build problem had been fixed.

Does anyone have any ideas how I can get around this?

Are you building this on an NFS share?

Indeed I am! I moved home directories to an openmediavault server just recently. This is the first time I’ve tried to build ipfire since making that move.

I’m using “no_root_squash” on the home directory exports.

I would suggest to build on a local file system because the build system needs some file system features that are not supported by NFS. Also it is fairly slow going over the network for each file.

That’s what I figured and did before you replied. I wiped out the build environment and started over in a local file system. This time it completed without error!

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