Build own Addon after pull ipfire [solved]

Hi !

While ago i build my own addon (chrony 4.2) and it worked…
Now i wanted to update chrony to 4.3 and therefore i also pulled newer version of ipfire.

  1. i complied ipfire w/o chrony => OK
  2. i changend the previuos working lfs to 4.2 and the new md5 checksum
  3. a build spit out
    ERROR: BLAKE2 checksum error in chrony, check file in cache or signature [ FAIL ]
    and end of _build.ipfire.log says
    Nov 10 11:50:44: Building chrony make: *** No rule to make target ‘b2’.

missed i something during pulling new source for ipfire ?

Ciao Gerd

IPFire has switched the checksum algo from md5 to blake2
you have to update your lfsfile:;a=commit;h=9a7e4d85069b6475d231e4fdfbd26d93557d3f10


Hi Arne !

Ok thanks…

Ciao Gerd