Bug in Core Update 158 Development Build: master/92a5ad86: pakfire

Hello all,

I just rebuild my firewall with core update 157 for modifying the partition layout.

After that I did an update to Core Update 158 Development Build: master/92a5ad86.

And as a last step, I tried to install some additional packages via the GUI again.

If I select only one package, everything is working fine. But if I select more than one package in the GUI, the installation fails:

You want to install the following packages: .freeradius mc swatch. There may be depending packages, here is a list of packages that need to be installed.

DOWNLOAD ERROR: There was no chance to get the file “meta/meta-freeradius mc swatch” from any available server.

May be you should run “pakfire update” to get some new servers.

PAKFIRE RESV: freeradius mc swatch: Resolving dependencies…

Please see the dot in “You want to install the following packages: .freeradius”… Looks like a typo for me.

If I do the installation on the command line with “pakfire install freeradius mc swatch”, everything works fine (tested with this and some other packages).

As I did not test this with core 157 before updating to the development version, I cant say if it is a new bug in this release - or an old one…


please open a bug for this:


Information to add a bug report in IPFire Bugzilla:

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