Booting on Pi4 headless fails - Solved

Release 2.27 Core 160
Booting on Pi4 with screen attached very good, but when trying to boot without screen seems to stay in a loop until I connect screen again. As I have no screen connected I can t see messages.
This problem does not exist on Pi3B same firmware version
Any idea what I can do
Thanks Regards

Is described in the wiki: - Raspberry Pi 4 Model B

" If you run into a boot loop the reason might be a missing HDMI display connection: edit the config.txt file and add hdmi_safe=1 to the end"


Thanks a lot for your answer and the solution which I found just after asking the question in an exchange
between two members of community in another post relative to Pi4. ipfire is such a great project I have been using ipcop 10 years ago, I made tests with Pi2 and I was waiting for support of arch64.