Blue Interface and Green Interface

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I want to implement some “GuestWifi” by using the Blue Interface, is this possible.

In my Green Interface and on the Green DHCP I use assigned MAC/IP for my company computers. Is it possible that new Computers (Guests) not registred in Green get an Address from the Blue DHCP and this Users use the Blue interface to connect to Red and so to the internet?

Is this possible? Or is there a other way to keep unregisterd computers away from internal network and only internet access?

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Maybe this help you:

And this url explain how to configure Wireless Access Point:

If your new clients access to internet by wifi, the answer is yes.

For more questions, ask.


thanks for your fast answer! My Setup has no wireless card included, Iam using Unify APs with Unify Controller.

Ok. I´ve two installation in this form. One with one Controller and another one without it.

You can plug the Wifi Controller to one RJ45 interface and no need hostapd addon. You must be have in consideration who gives the DHCP and configure IPFire about it.

Is easy. Try it and say us.

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Sorry for my question, but I don’t understand your hint completly.

One solution is to connect the Unify Ap directly to the blue interface defined on one RJ45 interface on my Ipfire? And there is no Unify Controller needed?

And one solution works with Unify Controllor? How is this setuped?

A utility for Wifi Controllers (as far as I know) is to facilitate configuration to all APs and in some cases (I think) configure roaming between APs.

Depending on the manufacturer, a Controller is not necessary. I think I remember that DLink has some APs that work without a Controller. The ones you have, I don’t know.

All APs can be connected to a Switch and the Switch to the RJ45 interface of the IPFire. But if you have a controller, apart from giving it POE (possibly) it will facilitate the configuration of the APs.

If it is the IPFire that gives DCHP to the APs, perfect, you will have vision of the equipment that is connected. In the event that the DCHP is given by the AP / Controller, it will have to allow the connection to the WAN interface (since it may be NAT) of the AP / Controller.

Each installation of this type is a world and you have to be very clear on how to put it.

I hope I have explained. If someone who knows more about this type of facility wants to contribute their point of view, they are invited.


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