Blue Access Help

I have setup Blue (finally). Last night, I was accessing everything from Blue so it was working fine. This morning Blue isn’t working. I can ping Blue but not anything on Red. Also, I installed WLAN AP but I don’t have access to it. Attached is a screenshot of WLAN AP. So essentially I am having 2 issues but I was accessing Red from Blue without WLAN AP installed yesterday. I do have under Blue Access, entered into Devices on Blue.

UPDATE: Apparently my computer will access and others have been able to access the internet via blue but my iPhone just won’t. I can’t figure this one out.

Does your iPhone switch or randomize its MAC address as in “security by obscurity”? Then you might need to “pin” the MAC address to the ESSID of the Wlan in question. Android can do this, w/ iPhone I’m not sure.


I have never heard of this, but I went in and disabled the Private Address on the iPhone. It still doesn’t connect. which is odd.

Okay, I have my iPhone under control now. I had to reset my phone’s network settings.

I just now have that WAN AP screen issue.

Maybe you can find some hints here:

I have the IOS iPhone issue resolved. I just need to figure out why nothing shows up on the WLAN AP page as shown on my original posting above. There is nothing in the dropdown box to select for the wireless lan interface.