Blocking Reverse Proxys from cloudflare

Hi @mumpitz

have used firewall.local with specific IPSet sets since the regular Firewall WUI does not convert CIDRs into bitmap or hash format. Therefor i used this script →

!!!Deleted the script since it collides with new IPSet set integration!!!

in the time where the script was developed (thanks again to shellshock) we used u.a. whois to investigate the CIDRs at some time it doesn´t worked that way for some companies. Have now integrated libloc which is not only part in IPFire but also developed by it. A fast test with Cloudflare did it good at the first glance

(last line)

but deeper checks are absolute needed.
Needless to say that Tor or VPN (like in Opera, etc.) circumvent this, also testing systems are always the best way.

A cheap interface for user interaction can be found :smirk:

which was ruff enough for me but surely, Banish might be the way :blush: