Bandwidth per current host

I google and that good stuff… trying to find how to watch live the bandwidth that hosts are using. several add-ons show aggregate totals but not live data of PER HOST.

Have a look at

It doesn’t show it in a live graph but you can get the data at per client level.

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Thank you for the response. I used that add-on and did not meet what I needed.

How about iftop? See this tutorial.

For example, this has the purpose to monitor a subnet but you can point iftop to a specific host:

iftop -F

If you want to do something more complex, you could export the data coming from iftop, parse them and use Grafana to plot the data (not in IPFire though, but you can do it from another host), see this as an example.


Ah, thanks. There were more options to figure out exactly what I wanted. Thanks and regards!