Backup size increase

I noticed that since upgrading to c164 and 165.
Backup file for “Backup excluding logs” increased from 10MB to 35MB.

Anyone else noticed it?

The CU 164 (& maybe CU 165) was smaller due to missing files and directories. It should be “normal” in CU 166.

Did you see these blogs?



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Yes same , I was aware that after version 163 backup file shrank a little in size, but most of mine pre version 163 ( Without log option) roll in at around 10-12 mb and same here all of a sudden they are north of 35MB ?

Have a look inside the backup files and see what is making the difference now compared to earlier.

The backup .ipf file is a tar archive so you can view it with a gui archive tool or you extract the backup to an empty location using tar, with appropriate settings, on the command line.

Usual reason the size increases is that additional functions have been turned on.

My backups are mostly with logs. The only ones i have without are those automatically created by the core update or when i do a test.
In cu162 on 9th Feb i had 22.68MB then on 14th Mar 22.66MB then after cu166 i had 23.16MB so no real difference for me but the turned on functions have been consistent across all of that time.

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