Backup - Generate ISO

I’m still a little new to IPFire and want to create an ISO backup so I can just reinstall with all of my settings instead of installing fresh and configuring again. When I chose the Generate ISO radio button, hitting the F5 key to refresh the screen, 7 backups were created; 3 ISO files and 4 .ipf files. 2 of the ISO files are the same size but the 3rd is 5 MB smaller. Any ideas which ISO I’m supposed to use for reinstalling with my settings? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you.

Backup from 2020-04-02-11:01.ipf Size 4.67 MB
Backup from 2020-04-02-11:02.ipf Size 4.68 MB
Backup from 2020-04-02-11:04.ipf Size 4.68 MB
Backup from 2020-04-02-11:06.ipf Size 4.68 MB
Backup from ipfire-2.25.x86_64-full-core142-2020-04-02-11:02.iso Size 301.00 MB
Backup from ipfire-2.25.x86_64-full-core142-2020-04-02-11:04.iso Size 301.00 MB
Backup from ipfire-2.25.x86_64-full-core142.iso Size 296.00 MB

I’ve had this same thing happen to me. After starting a new Generate ISO, wait 5 1 maybe 2 minutes then go back to the menu System > Backup (the F5 refresh may be fine also).

EDIT: changed wait time…

you should pick the most recent, based on the datetime in the filename (11:04 time). But … it seems the backupiso script creates a backup w/o logfiles as well. And IIRC, the iso is not bootable.

Thanks for the replies. I appreciate it.