Backup and recovery question


last week i need the recovery process the first time since my tests before using IPFire.
2 questions came up.

  1. After the installation the installer asks me if I want to install the backup which he has found on the disk.
    I said yes and at the end the system reboots.
    After the reboot i have a running system but the network configuration was not recoverd. So I had to use “setup” to configure green and red and select the right interfaces.
    Im not sure but is this correct?

  2. After the login i can see all the configurations and the services are running as expected.
    The problem was, the network clients did not receive a answer from the dhcp server. First thinking was, a problem with not correct network configuration after the first boot (question 1) so I rebooted the system but the problem still exists.
    Next step was to onyl stop the dhcp server from the management interface without any changes on the config and then start the service again. Since then the service is running without any problems.

Can someone give me a answer is this is “normal”, “works as intended” ?

My idea was to place a backup of the system to a secure place where someone with no knowledge can in an emergency situation grap the disc and only has to put the disc in and press “yes” .



Hi @silvio

Yes, you have to set the interface up when re-installing. This can not come from the backup.

This has been flagged up by another person and they have raised a bug but it is not yet resolved.


That was fast :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answer, so I have to extend the “emergency letter” a little bit.



Hi, Adolf,
AFAICR, that was proposed to work as long as restoring to the same HW.
Unfortunately I’m not able to re-call if it was in the Wiki or Forum.

If the underlying HW has been exchanged (including, e.g., different MAC addresses etc.),
“Think what I mean” surely can not be expected ;-(

The fact remains: With cu 163, it didn’t restore to same identical HW two days ago.

That cannot work. The file /var/ipfire/ethernet/settings is in the exclude file for backups so it is actively not backed up.


Thanks for your very quick clarification!