AWS route53 ddns

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Are there plans to include AWS route53 as a ddns provider? There are many providers already, but AWS is not in there.


You should open a bug request, as I suggested in this other post with a similar question. This way the developers will see the request and decide if it is worth to spend their limited time implementing it. Better yet would be to dig into the python code and write yourself a patch to add to the ticket (if you know how to do it or you are willing to learn).

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True, but this requires a good think.

To do the job you have to have set up an IAM userid of the proper access to have route 53 access

root@XXXXX:~/dns_update/aws# cat ~/.aws/credentials
aws_access_key_id = a-thing
aws_secret_access_key = something-else

and a ZONEID which is AWS-speak for unique ID to your zone, in addition to the domain in question.

Four bits of information but there are only three boxes:


Hostname: is the domain in question
Username: could hold the ZONEID
Password: would have to hold both the aws_access_key_id AND aws_secret_access_key somehow encoded with a pipe (|) or something…

Or something else altogether…

I’ll leave the question open for a bit longer and see what others bring up.

I will create a bug-report (feature-request ?) eventually when I have something more concrete in mind.

Thanks for the hint!

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