Automate upgrade / addons


is there an integrated option in the configuration to automate the upgrade process / updates for the add-ons? Or which way do you recommend to achieve this?

Thank you

No there is not.
I would always want to be present when running an upgrade on my Firewall to confirm that everything went as expected.

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You can also automate this by activating the automatic Upgrade in the configuration.

This is misleading then.

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This option were active in earlier versions. I’ve corrected the wiki.

As Adolf wrote, it is better to be present when an update is running. Further I don’t believe, that you can define a ‘optimal update time’, it depends on the actual use of the system.


I think there can be good reason to automatize the process. At least to have the option to do so from the gui without hazle.

If you know a good time for an update, you can integrate this into fcrontab.
It’s not from the GUI, but to find this time you should be used to the CLI nevertheless.