Apcupsd setup problem

Having trouble with this part.

Typed first line in to terminal and command not found?
Not a linux guru.
looks like it starts from the Wui service page.

Are you sure you type it correct? Small L(l) not one (1)?

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That was it thank you very much

Hmm, I don’t recall adding those symlinks but I see they exist on my box. Is the Pakfire installer setting them up automatically?

[edit] Perhaps I did it way back when … and gets recreated on new installs from my backups. But I don’t see a reference to /etc/rc* in the backup file

Pakfire adds boot launch option and actions to start and stop service to GUI under Status -> Services. It also makes same init script from wiki. Tested with fresh install on virtual machine.

Wiki has unnecessary steps after editing configuration file. Editing config file is all that is needed to do, so apcupsd finds your UPS when it’s launching and doesn’t shutdown automaticly.