Always start a VM from the last snapshot

I would like to create a VM and when I switch it off and start it again, the VM should have the state of the last snapshot.

MfG Paul

Hi Pablo!

Happy New Year!

It would be better to ask the support company of the VM. I am guessing you are using VirtualBox or VMWare or something similar. They all have support forums that would be able to answer your question.

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Iam guessing it must have a reason why he post under Add-Ons --> Virtualization…

So maybe the QEMU Addon?!? (I am kinda guessing!) I would suggest looking here:

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Normally i would agree with that but because its a addon i dont see a problem asking for help here if someone have experience with it… if there is a addon, asking for help about, sounds for me totally normal…

I have of course QEMU as AddOn on my router in use and therefore here in the forum my question.

And the answer is the link in the IPFire wiki or more precisely Jon’s links above. :wink:

thank you and I will have a look at it.

A healthy new year to you.