After Hardware Upgrade lot of rrd error

Hi every one , I just did a hardware upgrade today and I follow the: - Migrate to new hardware wiki, and I also try everything in this post: Error in RRD::graph for firewallhits

on way of the other I still have this error’s:

This is in status > system

This is in status> network(other)

and this in the status media.

Am I missing something, do i need to make the directory?

My system is this one (now): - Profile 782d109b426be6ed9859d73c24bf5e7187912432

Ok, A update: after around 30 min or so, the Media status is working fine now, do I just need to wait for some minutes?

Best regards Sharlon

Ok, by searching around, I was able to find this: Error graph for cpu freq - #4 by einerlei
But it seems its error that is going on for a wile.
I think I will just live with it and maybe in the next coming updates it get fix.

Best regards

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