After 30-60-80 minutes, the internet disappears

Hello, I have ipfire 182 in various ways, but after 30-60-80 minutes the internet disappears. This was not the case with version 181. Ipfire itself works - only the Internet disappears. Ip is static

Hi Tomas,

It is difficult to know with the provided information. Please note the exact time the Internet disappears, and then dig through the message logs for things that happened at and before that time. That should give us all a good clue why things are not working.

I know you don’t want to hear this but things seem to be A-OK for me.


  • How long does the Internet disappear?
  • Just a moment or much longer??
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It disappears completely. Recovers only when you reload ipfire. And what logs should be watched?

@tgriksas would you kindly talk a bit more about your setup?
Hardware involved, network cards, storage… age.

I get “reload” as “fully restart the computer” running IPFire, am I correct?

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