After 156, graph day,week,month not aligned

Upgraded to core156 this morning, rebooted to make sure all is well. Here’s how the graph look like …
Hour day Week Month Year used to be one line. How can I fix it?

Is there a way to d/l a pristine version of from the source tree (for core 156)?

Directory: /srv/web/ipfire/html/themes/ipfire/include/
Can someone verify that is exactly 7759 bytes?

Hi @pavlos

It’s 7759 bytes on my running 156 system. I also rebooted after the update.

I don’t have the time periods in a vertical column like yours.

Not sure what could be causing that effect. Is there anything in the rrd logs that might give a clue.

This is the link to the git repository for the file in Core Update 156
It also is 7759 bytes;a=tree;f=html/html/themes/ipfire/include;h=6fdee958c334f704281e18ab9f0ab347e5c4fd40;hb=refs/heads/core156

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I had a similar problem after upgrading - closing and restarting Firefox 88.0.1 fixed this. The time periods afterwards looked like in Adolfs screenshot…


P.S.: There are also patches for ‘getrrdtimage.cgi’ and for changing the background color of the choosen link available.

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Which theme did you use before the update?
Maybe the transition to the ipfire theme is a bit faulty.

Hi Bernhard,

No - I didn’t change the theme. It was IPFire before and afterwards.

After closing and restarting Firefox, the buttons have not been displayed since.

Somehow funny.

Hi Matthias,

thank you for the info. I knew there was some trouble with the scripts.
If it is only the browser cache the correction ( restart the browser ) should be easy.

I restarted Firefox – same issue, buttons one under the other.

Got a pristine, mv it to the proper location (after bak the old one), refresh, still same issue.

I had the same issue and I had to clear the browser cache to get things to work.

EDIT: added image

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Thank you Jon. I cleared the cache and now the graph looks right.
Thank you all for your help this morning.

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I think that’s the ‘trick’, clearing the cache.
If Matthias’ firefox is configured to do this, a restart does the task.

For the records:
The firefox cache is completely disabled here - the buttons still disappeared only after a browser restart.

I might be crazy but in my graphs the Day tag has a tiny dot at the end. Belka’s graph does not.


You are right.
In German there isn’t that dot. A little issue in the language files. :wink:

Never mind. It’s just a graphical issue. The letter ‘y’ is underlined.

Or the font of the browser?

The part of the ‘y’ going under the underlining is just a bit more slim than the german ‘g’. That’s all.

The ‘dot’ is no ‘dot’, but the rest on the underlining…

As Bernhard wrote: graphical issue => “won’t fix”. :wink:

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My setup is in English and the line goes completely under the y in Day so that is why I think it could be the browser font.

Yep. Me too. Funny.

We should change all fonts to UPPER CASE… :rofl:

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