Additional User admin as backup

hi guys

is there the possibility to create an additional admin user, with the same capabilities of the “original” admin one? and in case, how can I do? via command line?

Just for having a backup with a different password!

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Not without rewriting the apache virtual hosts configuration for the WUI login.

If you look in

you will find the places in there where the admin user is defined. It could be done if you are familiar with apache virtual host formats and could rewrite the appropriate parts of the code to add another user.

The password is not a Linux system password managed by passwd but an apache user password managed by htpasswd which would need to be used to create the password for any additional user added.

If you did do the above changes then when a Core Update is carried out there would be a risk of the virtual host file being overwritten with the default IPFire version so you woulkd likely have to repeat all the above after some upgrades.


I think I done!

I’ve commented the Require user admin directive and put instead the Require valid-user.
Then i created a new passwd using the htpasswd sintax in /var/ipfire/auth/users…and restarted apache.
it seems running…
any more advice?

script it, as after any update, your modifications will be gone.