Add fields to the wireless file by editing wireless.cgi

I would like to add other fields besides IP, MAC and remark in the blue user configuration. Would it be possible to edit wireless.cgi? Having other fields for example class (for a school) would allow sorting users by class (sorting the wireless archive file) etc. Have any of you already tried? Thank you

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Technically you could edit the wireless.cgi file, if you are familiar with perl, but the chances are that any changes will be overwritten when an update is carried out. You would also need to take care not to change anything else that would effect the normal operation of the blue network configuration.

A simpler approach would be to use Fixed Leases for the Blue dhcp interface, based on MAC instead of using the Dynamic IP allocation.

Then the computers, and their MAC’s, from a specific class could be assigned the IP’sin the range to and the next class could get to and so on.You would need to just keep a list of the classes vs the IP ranges but the sorting would automatically be done via IP and therefore would also be done via class.

This approach would also be maintained over any updates and if the sizes of the ranges are chosen to match the class size plus some slack then if there was a new computer introduced it could just be added to the appropriate class IP range.

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Good evening, thank you for the advice; of course the solution you have indicated is valid, but in my case I would like to be able to order on more fields. So I would like to be able to add fields into the database which is produced by the wireless.cgi (wireless). I confess that I am new and have no experience with Ipfire; However, I come from IPCOP which I have been using and using for several years. I’ll try to read up on the Pearl. In the meantime if anyone has already tried to edit wireless.cgi …
I am waiting and I offer you my greetings

If you come from IPCOP with experience of several years, I suppose you also have some knowledge about the programming language Perl. Perl is the main language for the WUI of both IPCOP and IPFire.
Extending the WUI programs isn’t really difficult, technically. But to add this to the system permanently, you must join the development process by sending those modifications as a patch and participate in the discussion in the development list.
See - Development, especially Topics for beginners and - Submitting Patches

Ciao mesmongol
i am not the right person but i believe the blue client configuration data is saved on a text file and not in a database

perhaps the simplest thing is to distinguish them by inserting an appropriate comment
not to mention that any changes made outside the community involve elimination at the first update