Access to orange blocked

Hi, I wanted to check what I can do with the orange zone but when I configured a Raspberry Pi for a IP number in the orange zone, no ping was possible to the orange NIC on my IPFire. I tried to ping the Raspi from my server in the green zone -> nada!
Then I logged into the IPFire and tried to ping the Raspi from there: did not work. I saw the traffic in Status internal zones and with ifconfig on the Raspi.
Then I had a look into the Firewall protocol and saw that all accesses have been blocked from the firewall.


I do not understand why this is blocked. Neither technically (on which place/rule/where does this happen) nor the reason (why is this happening).

I always thought orange is for the DMZ and there are no restrictions for the traffic with the only thing, that no traffic from the DMZ into green or blue is allowed. But I even cannot ping the router outside in the red zone.

Am I to blind or to stupid for this?

CIAO Zerberus