Access to firewall options via terminal

Hi there,
could anyone tell me how I could change the firewall options via terminal. I don’t want always to open the WUI.

THX, pierre

Hello @anon4944014 ,

welcome to the international IPFire community !

You can change all kinds of options via SSH, including the installation options : Setup command

Note : Access to IPFire in SSH requires opening the SSH service, via the GUI > System > SSH access (be careful for security)

More expert users than me will certainly offer you many others possibilities…

As far as I know, the usual use of IPFire normally goes through the GUI,
SSH is more used for reading logs, maintenance operations, etc.

Kind regards, Stéphane

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Hi all,
you can find the settings for the firewall options under /var/ipfire/firewall/settings “POLICY=MODE1” is blocked, “POLICY=MODE2” is allowed. If the changes should take affect, you need to restart the firewall via

/etc/init.d/firewall restart

, may a reload should also be OK, it might be an idea if you check this by your own.

As a first idea.




Thank you Erik,
it works fine :slightly_smiling_face:

Cheers, Pierre

Your welcome.