Access modem webui from green through red

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I need your knowledge, with which rule or function can I access my WebUI from my Draytek Vigor 165 (IP address from my green network (IP address

The Modem is working in Bridge Mode to dial a PPPoE connection.

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personnaly, I’ve a reverse proxy set up on my green. I access Webui using my domain name:
Ports 80 and 443 redirected to the reverse proxy IP adsress

I apologize if I have been unclear.

I want to reach the WebUI of the modem, not the WebUI of the IPFire.

strange you can’t. I access my modem UI from my green, without any setup.
FYI, I’ve setup a DMZ on my modem to IPFIRE box.

My modem is giving DHCP (this is in fact my RED) and my Green is
I can access (MODEM IP) from Green

in which case can you access your modem UI now?

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at the moment i reach the WebUI only through the “P2” Port outside the Modem and connect with cable, there is no dhcp working, set a manual ip adress to access the UI.

My red device is configures as PPPoE connection.

I think this might be your issue. Your modem has an ethernet connection to your ipfire so I would select either static or dhcp for your red connection type rather than PPPoE. When you access port P2 directly then I presume you are not connecting via PPoE so the same should apply for the IPFire connection.

If the Draytek modem is not set up for dhcp as you say, then just use the same that you used when you accessed the modem directly via port P2.


If I give the red a static connection, the IPFire does not get the IP of my network operator and cant dial up the pppoe connection through the draytek modem.

on the 2nd network port i bypass the ipfire and communicate directly with the modem.

in this case i would like to reach the interface to see the quality of my vdsl connection

Sorry, my fault. It didn’t register properly in my brain that you are using bridge mode so you are doing the connection method from your ISP.

What IP do you end up with on your red interface when the PPPoE connection is successfully made.

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I have a done a search and it looks like when you have the vigor in bridge mode you cannot access its webui anymore without setting up the connection between your ipfire and the draytek to have a vlan tag.

This link is related to both vigor 130 and 165 but unfortunately is in german

However, I found the following link about accessing a vigor 130 when it is in bridge mode and this one is in english. It looks similar to the german one, although I have not gone through all of it, but they both talk about needing to have a vlan tag in place into the vigor machine.


at the moment, ive got no success for my case.

here i found a similar issue, but its for pfsense.