About security configuration

I really liked the posts by @pmueller: Thoughts on operations security for the masses
and Firewall configuration recommendations for IPFire users. Excellent

About recommended points:
“A secure configuration of IPFire’s Intrusion Prevention System is the subject of the upcoming post.”

Waiting for this solution

“By default, IPFire permits all outgoing connections initiated by internal networks or the system itself. While this is certainly not optimal in terms of security, it is necessary for some use cases such as fixed changeover dates, and makes using IPFire less troublesome for beginners and drop-in replacement scenarios, as its firewall engine behaves like an ordinary ISP router.”

How you set up to be more secure? I need some help.



thank you. :slight_smile:

How you set up to be more secure? I need some help.

Regarding the firewall configuration, the post already gives you the needed information: Change your IPFire’s default policy to drop any connection, allow traffic necessary for the system itself, and add missing rules for your internal clients according to their needs.

Do you have a more specific question or problem?

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