Aarch64 build for 147

Core Update 147 has an aarch64 build. What hardware is it made to run on?

It must be a core rootfs which can be used by any aarch64 as long as the user have its uboot and boot scripts if it is required as from my understanding ipfire team creates a generic aarch64 image which can be flashed to the sd card and then they have device sordid uboot image which needs to be flashed to the sd card too.

Which device do you have?

I have a Raspberry Pi 4B, but the Pi 4 has problems with IPfire that are discussed in other threads.

I saw a build had been created and I wondered why, since the AFAIK the previous ARM builds have all been 32-bit. I haven’t seen an announcement or other information about it.

This build runs on any hardware that uses EFI.

I have run this on the APM Mustang, and in virtual machines.

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There was no announcement and link on the download page because it is experimental yet. (but it is on the mirrors)
I use this for testing on RPi3B and RPi3B+.

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