2.27 CU 161 testing - Entropy

Noticed Entropy not looking so varied since 2.27 update from 160 to 161 (2nd Nov).
System is AMD based with fTPM enabled in BIOS.
See attached.

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Then I think that you are seeing the benefit of the fTPM change. Previously your system was obviously a bit low in entropy.

I never saw a problem like that with my IPFire system, it has always been running just over the 3k mark until CU159 was released when it went up to just under 4k. So I probably wouldn’t see any difference even if I had fTPM capability on my system.

I think your image is a very clear example of the benefits of that work that was built into CU161.

Thanks for sharing it. :+1:


I didn’t realise that a higher absolute value means better randomness.
I had assumed the more it varied the better as long as not too low.
I stand corrected. Good news, well done devs.