158 (beta): Uploading OpenVPN client package results in error message


Validate imported configuration

Error messages

*.conf move failed: Inappropriate ioctl for device

Looking at logs all over the place I can’t really see anything more.

I just now got that error trying to import a net to net connection in openvpn at the moment in version 158. Like you, I do not see anything in the logs.
After reloading version 152, the n2n connection imported just fine.

I’ll also add to this, yesterday, I took a new firewall to someone and upgraded from 32 to 64 bit. The ONLY thing other than the graphs (a known fixable issue) that failed was the VPN. IPfire showed connected, but it simply would not work. Wen’t thru the troubleshooting logs etc and never did find the issue. Finally reloaded the firewall to version 152, and rebuilt all by hand, and it’s working great!!
I believe version 158 may have and issue with openvpn that I am not finding…